Nextbase 522GW

Nextbase 522GW Dash Camera

Nextbase 522GW Dash Camera During a recent event I had the opportunity to meet with a representative from Nextbase Dash Cams and go for a ride in their demonstration vehicle.  I was able to talk with Jeff Chuh the VP of marketing for North America during the ride and find out more about the system […]


2020 Mustang Mach-E

Ford has come out with something new to go along with their Mustang, the Mach-E SUV. This is a step away from their usual fair, being that it’s all electronic and obviously an attempt to compete against Tesla. The 2020 Ford Mach-E has a different style that I’m really liking. The design reminds of a […]

tesla's new truck

The New Tesla Pickup Truck

What’s there to say except… umm… maybe/ It’s a strange looking vehicle and I can’t wait to see the final look of it. Reminds me of the Delorean a bit to be honest, but I’m sure others have mentioned that already. I’m actually excited about it. If everything Elon Musk says about it comes true, […]